Vinny and the B Morning Crew

Catch Vinny weekdays from 6am - 10am!

My name is Vincent, but I’ve always thought that to be too formal, so I always ask people call me Vinny.  I went to work at radio stations in Malone for 10 years then left to pursue other avenues in my life, but fate had a roundabout way to bring me back to my passion for radio. So here I am back working near my original starting point.

Some of my other passions or favorite activities include watching TV, and I’m also a movie geek enjoying films like Star Wars, Star Trek, Clue, Better Off Dead, Marvel Movies, classics from Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, John Candy, and many, many more. I also enjoy down time playing console games.

Aside from all that I spend time with my 2 children, and my parents when I get the time.